Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tuesday Journal

Hallo! Wie gehts? Haha, working on typing in German, I think I'm getting better!
So today I rode Le Marquis, Pingu, and Compagnon.
Le Marquis was dressage this morning, and we're getting better. The mats from our exercises yesterday were still up so it was a lot of work just getting him to walk and trot past that! Marvin and I exchanged opinions of Le Marquis and he agreed that there was no way to get him past that stuff quietly. I really like Marvin, Tina, Jaqueline, Katrin and Daniella, haha and Gabi too! They're all just so nice! I wish I could stay here!
In the afternoon I was supposed to jump Pingu, but unfortunately he came up lame in the warm up. We're not sure what's wrong, but when I checked on him later I felt heat in his fetlock. Hopefully he's just a little sore from getting up the wrong way or laying on it and will be back to normal soon!
I rode Compagnon in the lesson that followed the original one I was scheduled for, which was nice since I got to watch the rest of the previous lesson and see how to complete the exercises. Compagnon's dressage isn't really great, or at least I have a really hard time getting him to go on the bit. Once I got over his head and neck literally being a straight line coming out from his chest, we ended up jumping really well! He's easier to control than Lorena, and can apparently jump really high!
Overall I had two good rides today! I can't believe its Tuesday though and my time here is almost up! Neither can Gabi the last time we talked about it, she thought we had another week :(. She's really been an incredible instructor and hostess to me since I've been here. I'll really miss her when I leave! She says I should come back though, and test for my badge, and when I leave she's going to give me a certificate saying that I completed training here with her, so I can put it on my resume.
Not sure what's on the schedule for tomorrow, I'll keep you posted though!
Miss y'all!