Sunday, May 30, 2010

Getting Aquainted

Hey Everybody!

If you're reading this then you probably know me pretty well and I don't have to explain the purpose of this blog to you, but I'm going to anyways.

Just in case you forgot, I recieved arguably one of the best gifts ever for my graduation and commissioning, a 4 week trip to Germany, of which three weeks will be spent at a riding school in Ansbach. The idea is that over the three weeks I'm here, I'll further refine my dressage and jumping skills and understand the German theory of riding just a little bit better.

I have two friends here that I've been able to see, one is Matt, he picked me up from the airport; the other is Aaron, who I've been talking to since his adventure with Ranger School, on his deployment, and then of course since he's been over here. These two friends have been a welcome break from my total immersion into German culture... that's not to say I mind being totally immersed, its just been so much of a culture shock that its nice to hang out with a couple Americans from time to time :)

As I write this I've been here for about 8 days, and its taken me about that long to find my way to a local Army Post and buy myself a transformer for my laptop, then there's buying a german cell phone and an internet stick so I can stay in touch with my parents and friends back in the States.

As I have free time I'll post daily updates and pictures, for now I'll leave you with these photos of the place that I'm staying. Miss y'all!


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