Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thursday Journal 2

Late second post today, this may be a quick one...but I have a tendency to say that and ramble on for forever. I would like to mention quickly, so I don't forget when I get distracted by writing about the horse show, that several people have been mentioning to me that they follow this blog. I want to thank everyone who reads this!!! It means a lot that y'all take the time to keep up with something I've been working on in the hopes that my friends will enjoy it! I love the feedback! Keep letting me know what you want to hear more about and I'll make sure to mention it.

Now, on to the rest of my day :)
I took 470 photos and videos today, yeah, the show was that cool (at least to me). Specifically, the show was designed to celebrate the young horses of Bavaria, ages 3-7, competing in Dressage (levels A-M...there is no real accurate translation to the US system for that, check the glossary later and I'll explain), Show Jumping (levels L-M), and cross country (pretty sure it was just A).
Let me tell you, it was SO COOL. These horses are of a quality that I've only seen in sprinklings around the shows and barns I used to frequent, all of them were SO NICE! Plus there was an awesome concession stand, so I got a Ciabatta bread sandwich with tomatoes and mozzarella (be nice I had issues figuring out how to order a brotwurst) and a caramel macchiato-which by the way is totally different from the Starbuck version. Despite it being freezing, and being a bit lonely this morning, it turned out to be a great day complete with puppies, horses, jumping (yay!), Marvin and Lupo placing third, and finally figuring out the Deutsch Bahn (the travel system). I will edit this post tomorrow and add pictures and further details of the show, for now I'm off to try to combat this recurring jet lag.
Miss y'all!!

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