Monday, May 31, 2010

Monday Journal 1

Definately slept through my alarm this morning, luckily I woke up an hour before my first lesson! It is FREEZING here! Only 45 degrees today, I definately did not pack for weather this cold in MAY! Just another reason to go shopping today, might have to wait for tomorrow though, I was supposed to have my second lesson at 11:30, but its being rescheduled to late this afternoon.

Had another lesson on Pingu, it went alright, I started out with the group then Gabi pulled me to the other side of the arena for a private lesson. Good thing too, he and I really needed some work. Towards the end I practiced what we worked on by myself so she could help the other students, and Pingu ended up bucking, a mixture of him being sick of working on canter circles and my reins being too short, haha when I tried to fix it he ended up doing flying changes, so maybe leave the spurs off for a while til I figure out what's going on with my legs...
I'll write again after my second lesson :)

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