Monday, May 31, 2010

Monday Journal 2

Hello again,

This afternoon I rode while the other girls got to jump, it was a little distracting since I was riding during the group that jumps the highest and I enjoy watching them ride, Pingu didn't mind...

Gabi talked to me more about jumping today, since Pingu takes so much control they're going to wait until this class is through and put me on another horse that I can learn more on, for now though, Pingu is a great teacher for dressage.

I had my first lesson with Marvin today as my afternoon ride, and like I promised I lost the spurs...bad decision, Pingu has two speeds run like hell and stop, the spurs may irritate him more, but at least I have a few more gears between the two. Though he made me work for all of it, Marvin led us through exercises with transitions from trot to canter, canter to walk, trot to halt, and walk to canter (the last of which did not really happen). We also worked on collecting and extending the trot and canter to help prepare for transitions. Marvin is an EXCELLENT teacher, haha he carries a dictionary of riding terms in English, German and French with him when he teaches me, and asks as many questions as he gives instruction, but its only to give me the most specific direction for how to improve what I'm doing. He also was sensitive to the fact that Pingu gave me nothing today, which makes things a little more encouraging when they're not going well.

Other than that I videoed a few of my friends while they jumped today, and I felt like I learned a lot from watching, not only of German terms, but in how the girls rode. One of the girls I watched with knows little English, but always shushes her friend who knows more so she has a chance to try to say something, I think its adorable!

It never warmed up today, the high was like 50* F I think. Its horrible when you sweat while you ride (cause the horse you have does not want to go!) then you get off and are immediately freezing again, and this time you're wet...I don't recommend the combination. Not sure when I ride yet tomorrow, I should know more in an hour or so. Hopefully tomorrow it will be warmer and it will rain less!!! Aaron gets back from Malta today, maybe he'll bring their weather with him...

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