Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tuesday Journal

Only one entry today guys! I didn't ride until 2 this afternoon, so I went to the Mall today (finally!) to go to Real (the walmart) and buy some running clothes and groceries.
I got myself some shorts, a tanktop and a ball cap, in vain hope that it will warm up again soon.
Today's high was 54*F, but it felt a ton warmer, I guess it wasn't as windy today.
On to my riding lessons. My first ride today was on Pingu, and lets just say we're like any close relationship, we're nearing the limit of how much we can tolerate each other. He seems to be getting stiffer and stiffer each day I ride him, Gabi's very encouraging that we're actually doing just fine, but its hard to stay positive when you feel like you're getting worse and worse. Daniella was the instructor for my first group lesson, and gave me some good advice on getting him to loosen up. Gabi must've gotten word that Pingu and I have hit a wall, because she put me on Quando for my second lesson today.
Quando is a big bay gelding (when I say big I don't just mean tall). Gabi says he's mentally very sensitive, so I need to figure out how much pressure is too much and too little. This is something I need to figure out on my own, as she cannot tell me what it will feel like. He and I must have good chemistry, because I feel like I figured out the right amount of pressure from my legs and hands about halfway through the lesson. Gabi even had us working on collecting the canter and doing flying changes! I can't say that Quando is my favorite now because I'm loyal to my Pingu :), but I will say that I enjoy him very much and I think that he'll teach me a TON.
So here's what's on the schedule for the next couple days...
Tomorrow; big day for all 27 girls here to test for their badges, its test day! This will take all morning, and I will likely be videoing as many of them as my camera can handle. Today I spent some time helping the girls braid their horses (I have been designated the go-to girl for braiding tails) and helping them not be so nervous about the test. I'm excited to see how this works, there will be lots of pictures and video! Though tomorrow will be an exciting day, it will also be kind of sad, because many of these girls have become good friends of mine (Lena and Corinna especially) and will have to leave tomorrow. Luckily there won't be much time to mourn their leaving as Thursday is a big show!
Thursday there will be a large show for young horses here at Pferdezentrum Franken, and at the neighboring riding center. Marvin is riding Lupo (yes the Lupo I rode last week...hope I didn't ruin him!) in the Dressurpferdeprufung KI.A (Dressage Horse Test A) which is a basic dressage level for young horses and riders. I promised him I'd video his ride so he can look at it in the evening. They're also running cross-country at this show!!! My favorite! Here they use the same types of jumps as they do in the States, but there isn't quite so much galloping between the jumps. I'll of course write more about that on Thursday.
So, I'm in for a very exciting couple of days!

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